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Your Ultimate Allergy Survival Guide

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Spring is in the air, literally! As days pass and we get further into the season, pollen begins floating in the air and allergies flare up. If you don’t personally have allergies, you probably know someone who is suffering from them.

Going to the local drug store can be overwhelming when trying to cure your ailment. There are too many options and unless you know which medication specifically works for you, you might find yourself at the drug store too many times for your own good. Luckily, has come out with an ultimate allergy survival guide to help you find what type of allergies you may be suffering from and what medication you need to alleviate your symptoms.

If you’d rather stay away from commercial medication and want to try some home remedies first, here are a few simple and easy ways to try and beat allergies the natural way:

-Showering after being outside all day

-Washing your pets

-Drinking peppermint tea

-Using a dehumidifier

-Eating local honey

-Having a steam bath for your face

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