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Your Manufactured Home Through the Years — Busting Some Myths

There’s a lot of misconceptions about manufactured homes, specifically in regards to their construction and lifespan. What some people might not know is that manufactured homes, especially the ones in our communities, are built to the highest federal standards of materials and construction. Read on to find out more about common manufactured housing myths and the truths behind them!

Myth: Manufactured Homes Cost More in Utility Bills Over Time

There’s a popular belief that manufactured homes cost much more to keep the heat and electricity on, but quite the opposite is true. Manufactured home construction standards are set in place by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and many of the standards revolve around specific climate zone requirements and specifications for temperature performance. Most manufactured homes are also built and wired to the international Energy Star standards, and studies have shown that Energy Star-certified houses can save homeowners from $190-$246 per year in average energy costs – that’s almost a 30% reduction from the average energy costs of a site-built house!

Myth: Manufactured Homes “Wear Out” Faster

Manufactured homes are built using the exact same materials as site-built homes: wood and metal. Better yet, the materials used are required to be up to the ever-improving standards of the HUD. And thanks to the construction process, manufactured homes are actually built indoors, safely away from any damaging effects of the weather which means the materials will be in better condition when the home is built. Even the design of a manufactured home helps with durability – manufactured homes are built on top of a permanent steel chassis which is then attached to the foundation. This chassis affords more durability by distributing the weight and load of the home across the foundation, lessening strain on the foundation itself.

Myth: Manufactured Homes Are More Prone To Weather Damage

This one has actually been disproven several times – and there are federal guidelines in place to keep it that way. The HUD has set forth guidelines and standards several times, from the 1970s to today, to protect against issues like fire and weather damage. Federal standards ensure that homes are built to resist damage from storms like tornados and hurricanes, and a study from the Foremost Insurance Company found that site-built houses are actually more than twice as likely to experience fire than manufactured homes. Weather resistant and able to keep your family safe – isn’t that what you want in a home?

You don’t have to take our word for it – ask our residents and they’ll tell you how well-constructed the homes in our communities are. Or, better yet, why not schedule an appointment to see one of our homes for yourself?


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