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Your Manufactured Home is Green


While many homes might be considered Green, all Green homes are not equal. When your factory-built home is delivered, it can be up to 80% complete. As a result, the builder’s debris is limited to weather-protection material used in transporting the home from the factory to the home site. This also means that your builder’s on-site construction generates a fraction of the waste of conventional construction.

Factory-built homes are also designed to be 30% more energy-efficient than a comparable site-built home built to the current building codes. The production efficiencies of factory built housing combined with the tighter fitting building envelope and heating and cooling enhancements result in lower initial and long-term home ownership costs. You will:

Save Money — When you consider your home’s total operating cost (mortgage plus utilities), the energy-efficiency of a factory-built home saves money every month through lower utility bills.

Make More Money — When the time comes to sell your home, studies have shown that energy-efficient homes can earn a higher resale price than average homes.

Make Your Home More Comfortable — Properly installed and inspected insulation in floors, walls and ceilings provides even temperatures throughout the house, reduced energy use and increased comfort. The indoor factory construction and specialized systems used to build your home make these features achievable for you at considerable cost savings vs. a site-built home.

Make the World a Better Place — Energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants which contributes to smog, acid rain and other pollutants. Simply put, less energy is used when you live in a factory-built home, so less air pollution is generated. And, because our factories build the homes more efficiently, our construction process is significantly more environmentally friendly!

The Savings Are Built In (the Factory)! – Investing in a factory-built home saves you money for the life of your home. By purchasing a more energy-efficient factory-built home, you help save valuable energy resources, and at the same time you save money on your monthly costs.

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