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Your Home’s New Home: Delivering a Manufactured Home

One of the many advantages that manufactured homes offer is the ability to either relocate an existing home, or to be delivered straight to a manufactured home community after construction. But have you ever wondered how a manufactured home can be set on a new site, or what has to be done to make them so convenient?

The key with manufactured homes is just that: convenience. Manufactured homes are built with the knowledge that it isn’t being constructed at the site it will sit on, so everything has to be designed around portability and convenience in the event of a relocation. For example, when being sent from the factory, many larger manufactured homes are not shipped fully intact to reduce shipping cost and difficulty. Instead, they are shipped divided down the middle, making two smaller sections of the same house! Once this home arrives at the community it will reside in, the two halves are affixed over a joint referred to as a “marriage line” which is connected, sealed, and then concealed to ensure both durability and pleasant aesthetics for your home!

Attaching the utilities is a big part of delivering a manufactured home to its destination. Many manufactured homes are designed to make the utility hookups easily accessible and convenient to use. A licensed specialist is required to ensure the work is done correctly, but it is generally done in much less time than it takes with site-built housing. HomeFirst™ arranges their communities in such a way as to help with the process – our home’s lots are all given their own individual pedestal, a small enclosure with all the needed electrical hookups to bring power to your home and provide a convenient location for the electric meter, without needing to include one on the home itself.

The site itself is very important, too. All of the sites in a HomeFirst™ community have ‘piers’ for the homes to sit on that extend below the frost line, ensuring a stable foundation for your home no matter what size or where in our communities it is located. When moving, most manufactured homes have axles attached to the bottom to assist with towing or relocating, and these axles remain on through the life of the home but are locked in place once the home is attached to the lot. And there it will stay – well, unless there’s another HomeFirst™ manufactured home community you want to move your home to!
Hopefully this cleared up some questions you might have about how a manufactured home can be delivered to a new site! Interested to learn more about the communities we offer or the homes we have for sale or rent? Contact us today, or browse our selection of manufactured homes to find the one that’s perfect for your family!

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