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Your Guide to Skirting for Manufactured Homes

The skirting you choose to use for your manufactured home serves several different purposes. First and foremost, skirting can be very helpful in insulating your home. It will help keep heat inside your home and prevent your pipes from freezing during the cold winter months and keep cool air inside during the hottest days of summer. Skirting will also prevent animals and rodents from getting under your home and causing problems with your wiring, insulation, or vents.

Skirting also helps give your home a more finished and polished look than you’d get if you left the lower portion of your home uncovered. It’s also a relatively easy way to change the way the exterior of your home looks. Skirting for manufactured homes comes in several different varieties and styles and some types of skirting have certain benefits over others.

Vinyl skirting is one of the most popular types of skirting. With its affordable price and easy installation, it’s easy to see why vinyl skirting is so popular. You can get vinyl skirting in different colors so you’ll be able to find something that matches your home.

If you want to make your home as energy efficient as possible, you might be interested in insulated vinyl skirting, which is also often referred to as rigid foam skirting. Insulated vinyl skirting can help cut down energy loss by up to 22%. Manufactured homes are already extremely energy efficient and insulated vinyl skirting is one way to truly maximize that benefit.

You can also get skirting which is made to give a faux brick or stone finish. This type of skirting can give your home a look that is virtually identical to that of a traditional site-built home. This type of skirting is generally more expensive than plain vinyl skirting, but it does look extremely nice and the finish can look convincingly like the real thing. It’s also much cheaper and easier to install than if you were to use actual brick to finish this area of your home.

Metal skirting is also an option. Metal skirting can be made of either tin or steel, so you know it’s going to be a very durable option. This type of skirting can come in different textures and can easily be painted if you want the durability of metal but aren’t a fan of the metallic look. Not only is metal skirting very durable, it’s pretty affordable, too.

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