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Trick or Treating in HomeFirst™ Communities

Your child is finally old enough to go Trick or Treating and collect candy from all the manufactured houses and neighbors that surround you.  Sugary candies will pile into your child’s bucket that will leave a smile on their face after they yell “Trick or Treat!”  As a parent, this is a stepping stone in watching your child grow, but there are safety measures that must be taken before and during the Trick or Treating process around your HomeFirst™ Community.  Everything from inspecting your child’s costume to inspecting the candy, you’ll want to take every precaution necessary during Halloween night.  

Before You Head Out of Your House

Some of our communities make trick or treating easy by organizing trunk or treat events, but if you don’t have that in your community, you can always go trick or treating the old fashioned way. Although every HomeFirst™ community is safe for every type of family, it’s still important to take precaution while trick or treating. This starts out by planning a route of where you want to walk with your child.  Luckily for you, we have downloadable maps of all the HomeFirst™ Communities right on our website. Once you scout out the map of the community that you live in, you and your child will feel safe knowing the exact route you’ll be taking.  

There are certain aspects of your child’s costume to check out as well. It’s important to make sure your child’s costume can be visible in the dark in case they happen to wander off, and make sure their costume isn’t too long so they don’t trip running from house to house. Masks can also lead to tripping since they can restrict vision and can even make it hard to breathe sometimes.  Instead, paint their face which they might even enjoy more anyway.  

Once You Return Home

Returning to your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home after Trick or Treating can be either disappointing to a child because they were having so much fun and want more candy or the best moment of their life because of all the candy they now get to enjoy.  Before you allow your child to start digging into their bucket of candy, it’s important that you go through the candy to make sure that everything is in its original wrapping, and that nothing has been already opened or tampered with. Once all the candy checks out, let your child enjoy some of their candy stash.  

The safety doesn’t stop there though because if it was up to your child, they’d probably try and eat every piece of candy that night.  If someone eats too much sugar they’ll get a stomach ache, and Halloween is no exception.  Limit them to only a few pieces of candy, and reassure them that all their candy will be right where they left it when they wake up the next morning.

If you follow these steps before and after you take your child out Trick or Treating in your HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community, you’ll have a fun, safe time watching your child go from house to house collecting bite-sized candies.

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