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You Have it Made in Milford

Moving from house to house can be stressful, but you won’t want to move your family ever again after moving to HomeFirst™’s Ridgewood community in Milford. The safety in the city along with the fun activities there are to do downtown will keep you here for years to come.  The downtown area in Milford is located only minutes from our Ridgewood community, and is filled with numerous bars, restaurants, and retail stores that are a great to visit if you’ve been busy around your manufactured home all day doing house chores.  Ridgewood is an amazing place for you because there are a vast amount of activities for any person to do whether you’re in the manufactured housing community or you’re out exploring all of Milford and all of its great qualities that it has to offer its citizens.

Winter in Milford is Amazing

Let HomeFirst™ Ridgewood be the reason why you start to love winter.  With so many things to do in Milford during winter, you’ll start wondering why you didn’t move here sooner. “The Big Reveal” is an event held the Thursday before Thanksgiving where all the stores downtown “wrap up” their displays in the front of their stores, and once the clock strikes 6:30 PM on that evening, members of the community unwrap the displays showcasing the new holiday decor that each shop has to present.  This makes for an exciting start to the holiday season.  

Throughout November and December, Milford organizes a “Dinner’s on us” celebration where they randomly pick 90-100 different checks to pay for at restaurants for the citizens that help keep the doors open of the local businesses in Milford all year long.  There’s even a Christmas Parade that happens the Saturday after every Thanksgiving.  

Safety Comes First

If the fun and entertainment isn’t enough for you to want to move to Milford, knowing it’s one of the safest cities in Michigan should make you want to move here right away.  It’s annually ranked as one of Michigan’s safest cities which is great if you want to raise your kids in a safe community.  The crime rate in Milford is lower than in many other cities in Michigan. The Milford Police Department does a great job keeping the city of Milford safe and HomeFirst™ is proud to have a location in this fine city.     

All-Around Good Time

Whether you feel like resting at home during your downtime, or cruising the downtown scene filled with some amazing shops, HomeFirst™’s  Ridgewood manufactured housing community in Milford is the place for you and your family. You won’t regret moving into a cozy manufactured home, especially when you realize that everything you could possibly need is within minutes of your home.  Make the right move today and take a look at some of the manufactured homes for sale in our amazing Ridgewood community.


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