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How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card

They say actions speak louder than words. But on Valentine’s Day, don’t discount the value of a meaningful card. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 50 days or 50 years, a beautifully written card can really resonate with your Valentine and be something he or she cherishes for years to come.

Here are 5 timeless tips for writing the perfect Valentine’s Day card.

1) Be original: Don’t writing something generic. Show your Valentine how much you care by writing something from the heart. There are many literary devices you can use to achieve this (as we get into below), but the main thing is to write something that’s unique, creative and specific to your relationship.

2) Use anecdotes: Draw inspiration from moments that occurred over the last year. Maybe it was the time she surprised you with breakfast in bed, or all the times he cleared the snow off your car so you wouldn’t have to spend extra time in the cold. This is a great time to acknowledge all of the subtle gestures of kindness that strengthen your love for each other.

3) Poetry: “Roses are red, violet’s are blue, today is Valentine’s Day, and oh, how I love you!” OK, you can do better than that! Poetry is a nice way to show that you spent a considerable amount of time and effort writing the card versus scribbling down some ordinary, sterile copy.

4) Make a list: Cite all of the reasons why your significant other is the best. Maybe he makes the best scrambled eggs in the world. Maybe she is amazing at decorating your manufactured home. People love when their skills and efforts are noticed and appreciated. This is a great way to acknowledge them.

5) Find the words: Is there something you’ve wanted to tell your Valentine but haven’t been able to get the words out? Sometimes it’s easier to share deep and intimate thoughts via writing than in person. It allows you to carefully measure how your feelings are communicated.

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