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Wrapping Mobile Home Windows

Keep cold winter air and frost from getting in through your mobile home windows by making sure you wrap your windows correctly and insulating your home. Heat escapes the most through door frames and windows so it is very important to prepare your mobile home windows for the lowest of temperatures.

Prior to wrapping your windows, check to see if any of your mobile home windows have dented or warped frames. If any of your window frames need fixing, you should do it right away and before beginning the window wrapping process. Another thing to check for is the presence of storm windows, what shape they are in and if they need fixing.

If your frames are in good shape, and you have found your storm windows and installed them, you can proceed insulating your mobile home windows. If your windows are crank-out, take the crank off and apply foam weather stripping to the area where the cranks were. Then begin to apply caulk on the inside of the windows where the window meets the wall of the home. Caulking should be done whether you have a crank-out window or a regular window; this fills in any possible holes that may let in cold air.

Once you have caulked the inside of your windows it is finally time to physically wrap your windows! You can purchase special energy film, bubble wrap or you can simply use heavy-duty saran wrap. Put the material on the inside of the window to trap cold air and also on the outside of the window and attach the wrapping to the frame. Make sure the wrap is pulled taut and is wrinkle free, you can attach is anyway you want, although tape will work just fine.

Congratulations, now you have successfully wrapped your windows for winter! Be prepared for lower energy costs and a warm, toasty home!

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