World's Greenest Homes - A Tiny Apartment that Defies Innovation!

World’s Greenest Homes

Mueller Estate Home
Sometimes you need to take a break from thinking about all the updates and other things you want to do to your home, and that’s okay. But before you think your home isn’t up to your standards or where you want it to be, check out how this man is living in a teeny Hong Kong space and turned it into a functional and green, space saving apartment. This has to be one of the World’s Greenest Homes! 

Here is the cool video of his apartment, and who knows, maybe you can take some of his innovative ideas and adhere them to your own home to solve some of your organizational and space issues!


So take a break and check out other people’s dwellings and how they solved their problems. Makes you feel a little bit better about your own home. :0)



Photo Credit: Garreth Wilcock

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