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Why Your Kids Will Love Living in a HomeFirst™ Community!

Whether you rent or own your home in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community, you’re welcome to enjoy all of the great amenities our communities have to offer for absolutely no additional cost to you. The amenities we offer are great for people of all ages, including kids. If you’re planning a move to a HomeFirst™ community, but the kids are a little nervous about the move, here are a few things that will help get them excited about having a new place to call home:

Swimming Pools

Summer is just around the corner and when you’re a kid, one of the most fun ways to beat the heat is by spending some time at the pool. Whether you want to just swim around for a while, float on an innertube, or play a few rounds of “Marco Polo” with friends, the pools many of our HomeFirst™ communities have are a fun place for kids to spend a hot afternoon. They’ll have fun, get some exercise, spend some time outdoors, and make new friends with other kids who live in the community all at the same time.

Athletic Courts and Playgrounds

Kids need room to run around and play and HomeFirst™ gives them plenty of opportunities to do just that. Whether your kid can’t get enough soccer, wants to be the next Babe Ruth, or just likes to relax after school by shooting some hoops, they’re bound to have fun playing around on the athletic courts open to all HomeFirst™ community residents.

Community Events

HomeFirst™ very strongly believes in finding ways for our residents to come together and get to know each other. Each of our communities organizes events all year round and many of them are things that would be great fun for kids, like ice cream socials and holiday parties. If you’re new to the community, these events are a good way to meet and make friends with other kids who live in the community.


The community clubhouses located in each HomeFirst™ community are the type of  place where kids will make some memories they’ll cherish for years to come. For example, let’s say it’s your child’s birthday and you want to throw a party and invite all of their friends. This sounds like a great idea, until you’re faced with trying to find a way to fit so many kids in your house at the same time. When you live in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community, there’s nothing to worry about! Our community clubhouses are ideal for hosting parties and other family gatherings.

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