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Why Rent an Apartment When You Can Rent a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home!

Looking for a new place to live, but aren’t sure if an apartment is right for you? Apartment living certainly has its benefits, but why not consider renting a home in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community instead? Once you’ve lived in one of our communities, you’ll wonder why you ever considered an apartment. Here are just a few advantages renting a manufactured home has over renting an apartment:

More Room!

After living in an apartment for a while, many people start to feel limited by the amount of space they have. What might have seemed like a good sized space at first can quickly start feeling cramped. It might seem like there’s never enough counter space in the kitchen to do everything you want to do. You’re constantly looking for creative ways to organize things in your closets to make everything fit. And no matter where you go, it feels like somebody else is always right there. Why not spread out a little bit in a home in one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities? Many of our homes feature walk-in closets and spacious kitchens with cupboards and counter space galore! And you’ll have more room for the people in your house to have more privacy while still living together.

More Space Between Neighbors

Your neighbors may be lovely people, but when you only have a thin wall separating your living space from theirs, it doesn’t take long for every little thing they do to drive you crazy. Every ordinary conversation they have seems so loud you’d think they were standing right behind you. If you have upstairs neighbors in your apartment, you’ll begin to wonder how it’s possible for a normal person to walk so loudly. And of course, it will seem like your neighbors always pick the worst possible time to run the vacuum cleaner.

But when you live in a HomeFirst™ manufactured home, you’ll have a bit more room to breathe. Our homes are not placed wall-to-wall, so you’ll have a more comfortable amount of space between your home and your neighbor’s.

Parking? No Problem!

Parking situations can be difficult when you live in an apartment. Depending on the apartment complex, you might get one parking space for free, but have to pay for additional spaces if your family has more than one car. If your apartment is in an older building, there might not be off-street parking available at all. And even if you’re supposed to have a spot in your building’s parking lot, you might often find it taken by that neighbor who constantly has visitors and never tells them where to park. If you live in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll have no such problems. You just pull right into your driveway. And if you have a large vehicle like an RV, some of our communities even offer storage for them, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to store them off-site.

Better Amenities

Many apartments offer some great amenities for their residents, like swimming pools, fitness rooms, playgrounds, or a communal area for residents, but not all of them do. No matter which of our communities you choose to call home, you’ll have plenty of amenities waiting for you to enjoy. Our communities include features such as swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, courts for volleyball and basketball, fields to play soccer and baseball, rinks for in-line skating and hockey, and even pits to play horseshoes. A lot of apartment complexes just don’t have the room to offer athletic courts and fields like we do.


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