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Why It’s a Great Idea to Have Your Home Built in a Factory!

What sets manufactured homes apart from virtually every other type of housing out there is the way they’re built. Rather than having construction crews come out to the site and building a home from scratch right there, manufactured homes are built in factories and transported to the home’s site. Building a home in a factory is a much more efficient building process than the traditional process of building a home on site, which makes it hugely beneficial for you, the homebuyer.

Since factories that make manufactured homes have lots of storage space available and know they’ll have other homes to work on after yours, they’re able to purchase building materials in bulk, which is a major reason why manufactured homes are so affordable. Manufactured homes are built using the exact same materials you’ll find in site-built homes, the only difference is the factory can get a better price on them.

The people who work to build manufactured homes in factories are all trained professionals who work under the close supervision of other highly-trained professionals. They also get to work using top-of-the-line tools which allow them to be extremely precise in construction. Work can be checked and inspected regularly throughout the building process to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. The construction of manufactured homes also needs to be extra secure because the home needs to be strong enough to be transported. Ordinary site-built homes are not built with the expectation that they will ever travel down the highway.

Having your home built indoors in a factory means the building supplies that will be used in your home will stay in optimal condition. They won’t be left outside where they can start to rust, get moldy, or otherwise be damaged. Building materials will also be protected from being stolen or vandalized, which can drive up the price of your home.

Because it’s so much more efficient to build a home in a factory, your dream home will be finished and ready to live in much sooner than it would be if you were to go through the process of having a home built on site. Typically, it takes about two weeks for a manufactured home to be built in the factory. Once a manufactured home is completed and transported to its site, more work needs to be done to install the home and finish construction, which can take 30-90 days. Site-built homes can take anywhere from 6 months to over a year to complete. Ask anyone who’s ever had a new site-built home made for them and you’ll inevitably hear horror stories about weather and construction related delays, but this just isn’t a problem with manufactured homes!

Homes that are built in factories are called prefab homes, but not all prefab homes are manufactured homes. Modular homes are another type of prefab home, but many people mistakenly think modular homes and manufactured homes are the same thing. In reality, manufactured homes and modular homes are quite different. They’re built to different sets of standards and when modular homes are transported to their site, they’re brought in pieces,  assembled on site, and set on a permanent foundation. Manufactured homes are built to HUD standards and are brought to the site in a more complete form than modular homes are. Manufactured homes also have a permanently-attached steel chassis which helps with the transportation process.

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