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Why a Manufactured Home is Better Than a Condo

If you’re in the market for an affordable type of housing, you might find yourself looking at some condos. Not only are they cost less than traditional single-family houses, they often have great locations near big cities and offer great amenities like swimming pools and fitness rooms. Although living in a condo might sound like a fun, affordable place to live, there are some downsides to consider before making your move.

The biggest downside to living in a condo is that you’ll be required to pay homeowner association (HOA) fees. Even if you buy a condo, you’ll have to pay HOA fees in addition to your mortgage and once your condo is paid off, you’ll still have to deal with HOA fees. Fees are also prone to increasing without notice to cover things like repairs and maintenance projects, amenities, insurance costs, or because the number of people paying into the HOA has gone down. So it’s entirely possible you’ll see your HOA fees go up because of something you don’t use or something that has nothing to do with you or your condo.

Not only do you have to pay HOA fees, you’ll also have to follow their rules. The HOA can place restrictions on the types of pets you can have, the types of changes you can make to your condo, noise levels, whether or not you can set up a grill outside, and even your curtains. So even if you own your condo, you still have to play by somebody else’s rules. Isn’t the whole point of homeownership to be able to have a place you can really call your own?

Much like living in an apartment, living in a condo means you’ll be living very close to your neighbors. Depending on the setup of the condo, you might be sharing walls with other condos on either side of you or have an upstairs or downstairs neighbor. So unless the condos are very well soundproofed, it might be hearing an awful lot of your neighbors, even if they aren’t actually being unreasonably loud.

Does all of this sound like more trouble than it’s worth? The good news is there’s a way to enjoy the benefits of living in a condo, but without the headaches! Homes in our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are not only affordable, they also have a lot of the same amenities you’d find at a condo like swimming pools, fitness centers, and community clubhouses. You won’t be living wall-to-wall with your neighbors, either, so you’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of breathing room and privacy.

If you like the idea of living close to a busy city area, we have locations near Lansing, Ann Arbor, and more! And although our HomeFirst™ communities do have some rules, we do not have the stifling restrictions of a HOA. Your manufactured home is yours to decorate as you see fit!  Take a look at the manufactured homes available to rent or buy in our communities. You’ll love all the benefits they have over living in a condo!

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