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What’s Underneath a Manufactured Home?

For a lot of first-time manufactured home buyers, one of the more common questions they might have is “what’s underneath my home?”

And it’s an understandable question to have. With all of the advantages manufactured homes offer, being able to move and relocate them is one of the biggest – but if you can move your home around, what is it sitting on when you get there?

When you look underneath a manufactured home, the first thing you’ll encounter is the skirting around the side. Skirting is a type of siding, made out of various kinds of material such as vinyl or concrete, specifically designed to go around the bottom of the home. Having skirting on a home is advantageous because it offers your home curb appeal and value, as well as keeping snow and water out from underneath the home. Plenty of decoration options are available for skirting, such as vinyl to match the color of your home, or even brick and stone skirting!

Peel the skirting away and then you’ll see the true underside of your home. One of the first things you’ll see is that the axles are still attached from when it left the factory! Even if you don’t plan on relocating your home (and with all of the amenities and perks that HomeFirst™ communities include, we think you’ll be happy to stay for a long time!), the axles are left on the home to maintain structural integrity. You’ll then see the basis of the foundation of your home, which is generally blocks made out of dense wood or cement that keep the home up off the ground. These blocks lead down to a ‘pier’ that sits below the frost line to help anchor your home in place and prevent any potential damage to your home or its foundation. Compare that to typical site-built housing foundations, which are vulnerable to damage in the foundation due to changing weather or water build-up, and you’ll see the lot your home sits on is safe and sound, no matter where your home was delivered from!

Now you might be wondering – if your home doesn’t have a basement, what will you use for storage? HomeFirst™ has you covered! Every manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community has an included on-site storage shed, and HomeFirst™ residents have the option to add a garage for even more room for toys, tools, or vehicles. And that’s only if you need the room – many of our homes feature storage spaces like walk-in closets, cupboards, and plenty of room for all your belongings!

We hope this little look under your home has proven enlightening. If you have any more questions, or want to see some of our houses up close, contact HomeFirst™ today!

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