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What’s So Great About Factory-Built Homes?

One of the biggest things that sets manufactured homes apart from so many other kinds of homes is the way they’re built. While ordinary houses are built completely on the home’s site, manufactured homes are built indoors in factories, then are transported to the home’s site for installation. Although homes and other buildings have been built completely on-site for centuries, having homes built indoors in factories offers a lot of great benefits over the more traditional building process.

First of all, it takes much less time to built a home in a factory than it does to built a home the traditional way. When a home is being built on site, the builders are ultimately at the mercy of the weather. If the weather conditions are too harsh for workers to be able to do their job safely, construction has to be pushed back, delaying the final completion of the project. But these sorts of delays simply aren’t an issue when it comes to manufactured homes. Since manufactured homes are built indoors, workers have a place to work safely even if it’s pouring rain or extremely cold or hot outside, cutting down on costly delays.

The fact that manufactured homes are built indoors not only protects the workers building them, it also protects a home’s building materials. With site-built homes, the building materials get left out in the elements, which can result in things like water damage, warping, rust, or mold and mildew. In some cases, certain types of building materials can become more brittle and difficult to work with if the temperature is too cold. There’s also the chance that building supplies could be stolen or vandalized if left on site. Having your home built indoors ensures that your the materials used to build your home will be in the best possible condition.

Factories that build manufactured homes also have the ability to purchase building materials at a bulk rate, which helps to bring down the total cost of the home. This doesn’t just apply to things like lumber or insulation, it also includes the things that go inside the home, like appliances, fixtures, flooring, and bathtubs. Companies that build site-built homes don’t typically have the space to be able to store all those extra materials, but factories do. And since factories know they’ll have other homes to work on after yours, it’s not a big deal for them to have some extra materials on hand.

When your home is built in a factory, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your home is being built by highly trained professionals, supervised by other highly trained professionals. The factory building process allows for stricter quality control. Work can easily be inspected at any step in the process and multiple people will have the chance to inspect the home  before it leaves the factory.

Homes that are built in factories are called prefab homes, but it’s important to remember that manufactured homes are just one type of prefab homes. Modular homes are also a type of prefab homes, but they’re not the same thing as manufactured homes. While manufactured homes are built indoors and brought to the site in an almost complete form, modular homes are built in sections and are brought to the site that way and are put together on site.

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