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What’s Included With a New Manufactured Home?

A lot of thought needs to be put into moving into a new home. What should you take with you? What can you leave behind? What will be waiting for you in the home when you get there? Here at HomeFirst™, we try to make the moving process as easy as possible, and we think you’ll be impressed with what you find inside our homes when you move in!

Moving big, clunky appliances probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time – and if you’re moving out of something like a duplex or apartment, you might not even have any appliances to bring along! But you don’t need to worry – if you move into a new manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, there’s already included appliances inside your home! Any new manufactured home comes with a dishwasher, fridge, and oven already included by the manufacturer at the time of delivery! Imagine that – brand new appliances inside a brand-new manufactured home, fresh from the factory. Did we mention that hookups for laundry machines are included as well?

It’s not just appliances, though – all of the home’s fixtures are included fresh from the factory too! Kitchens come well-stocked with an array of pre-installed cabinets, pantries, and shelving already installed and ready for use when you move in. All of the countertops in our homes are made out of the newest materials available, and come decorated in a variety of patterns to liven up your home’s decor.

HomeFirst™ also offer the chance to buy a brand-new home straight from the factory, designed to your specifications! We work with a number of manufacturers to provide custom-ordered homes to our residents straight from the factory. If you buy a brand new home, you’re given the chance to select things like layout, home style, and decor options like siding and shutters all to your liking!

All of these combine to show what an incredible value manufactured homes are, especially when compared to traditional site-built houses which might not include any appliances at time of move-in. Want to see more? Browse our selection of manufactured homes for sale and find the perfect home for you and your family!

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