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What You Need for a Stress-Free Family Road Trip

There is nothing more exciting than planning and prepping for a family road trip. But there is also a down side to family road trips, trying to keep your children occupied and happy throughout the journey.

We’ve compiled a list of resources, games and other activities that will keep the little ones happy and the driver sane!


What not to forget on a road trip:

-If your car has a built in DVD player, then don’t forget DVDs and headphones!

-Snacks & extra food such as homemade sandwiches

-Small toys to keep the kids entertained

-Family friendly music

-Blankets & pillows for napping/fort making

-Ginger or clove candies/Dramamine for kids prone to car sickness


Road Trip Games:

-The original homemade kids toy, a cootie catcher!

-Urge your kids to create a ‘travel journal’

-Road Trip scavenger hunt

-Printable car bingo games

-Counting cows car game, pretty self-explanatory!

-Here are more road trip game ideas and tips:

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Road Trip Snacks:

Packing simple and quick snacks will save you time, money and stop the “I’m hungry” whining

-Small bags full of popcorn or goldfish crackers

-Individually wrapped fruit leather or fruit snacks

-Capri-Sun or other plastic container juice boxes

Celery sticks inside a peanut butter container

-An array of finger food snacks in a craft organizer container

Apple slices with an open yogurt container inside of an old sour cream container

-No-bake energy bites


We hope these games, snacks and tips help you have one of the best family road trips ever. And we’d also like to remind everyone, just because you are on a road trip doesn’t mean you have to stop recycling! Look up recycling centers in the areas you are traveling too or ask around at the gas station when filling up.

Happy Road Tripping!


Photo Credit: Patxi Lzkue

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