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What To Do – Potterville, MI

For this installment of the ‘What To Do’ blog series, we take a look at the sites and attractions in Potterville, Michigan. Whether you live in Potterville, Michigan or are just driving through, you’ll notice the small town charm amidst all the new development.

Potterville has 4 amazing parks, thriving businesses and a historic downtown. It is widely known for the Gizzard Fest, which takes place in June of every year.

Eat, drink, and be merry at one of these popular Potterville restaurants:
Gizzard City Cafe
Riedy’s Pizza
Charlie’s Bar and Grill

Events & Entertainment:
Small towns are great for unique events. Potterville has many to check out:
Rough Riders Lawn Mower Racing
Gizzard Fest
Bash for Cash

Parks & Outdoor Recreation:

Potterville is home to 4 wonderful parks: Lake Alliance Park, City Park, Memorial Park, and Sunset Hills Park. Each park has amazing amenities to suite your outdoor needs.

Potterville Parks

Park amenities include:
• Baseball fields
• Walking paths
• Picnic areas
• Play structure’s
• Pavilions
• Shrub garden
• Nature trails
• Lakes
• Sledding Hill
• Camping

Retail Shopping:
Potterville has many historic shops for those unique gifts and home goods. Check out the Vintage Cupboard, or Hidden Trail Gift Shoppe.

Looking to move to this great city? Check out Independence Commons, one of our Potterville mobile home communities.

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