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What to do in Case of a Flood

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Those showers have been coming down hard and fast in Southeast Michigan. With recent flood watches happening all over the United States, it’s a good time to remind yourself about what you can do in case of a flood.


• Build an emergency kit and make a plan.
• Familiarize yourself with flood hazard terms like flood watch vs. flood warning.
• Listen to a battery-operated radio for the latest storm information.
• Secure your home and turn off utilities at main switches.
• Do not attempt to walk across flowing streams or drive through flooded roadways or in flooded areas.
• If you’ve come in contact with floodwaters, wash your hands with soap and disinfected water.
• Stay away from damaged areas unless you have assistance from rescue professionals.
• Avoid floodwater that could be contaminated by oil, gasoline or raw sewage.
• Listen to local news reports to learn whether water supplies are safe to drink.
• Be aware of areas where floodwaters have receded. Roads may have been weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.

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