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What is a Manufactured Home?

Simply put, manufactured homes are homes that are built completely within a factory, then transported to its intended site for installation. Being built in a factory has a number of great advantages over the traditional building process involved with site-built homes. Since factories are able to purchase building materials in bulk, they are able to get better prices on materials than construction companies who work on site-built homes. Since factories are able to pay less for building materials, that means the savings are passed along to you!

Being built indoors means the building process isn’t subject to weather-related delays the way site-built homes are and the building materials are shielded from the elements, meaning there won’t be any rust, warping, or mold to worry about. When a home is built in a factory, the people who work on building it are all highly-trained professionals who work under the supervision of other highly experienced professionals and have access to some of the most best technology available to make sure your home is built in the most precise way possible.

Manufactured homes have a strong reputation for being an extremely affordable type of housing, costing just a fraction per square foot of what a site-built home of comparable size would. Even if you have damaged credit or little credit history and don’t think home ownership would be possible for you, it could be possible for you to own a manufactured home.

Although manufactured homes can be placed on privately owned lots of land, many manufactured homes are located in community areas such as HomeFirst™ communities. Manufactured housing communities can provide their residents with a number of great amenities that might be impossible for people who own a site-built home. At HomeFirst™ communities, our residents are able to enjoy amenities such as swimming pools fitness centers, athletic courts, playgrounds, access to our community clubhouses and more.

Interested in buying or renting a manufactured home? Our HomeFirst™ communities have lots of modern and stylish manufactured homes available to rent or own in lots of spectacular locations in Michigan. Take a look at what we have available and contact us if there’s anything you’re interested in! We’d love to welcome you to one of our communities!

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