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What Can You Use a HomeFirst™ Community Clubhouse For?

Each of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are full of wonderful amenities for all of our residents to enjoy. Although the exact amenities vary from community to community, there is one thing all of our communities have in common: community clubhouses.

In all HomeFirst™ communities, the community clubhouses are the heart of the community. We really believe in making our communities more than just a place to live; we want our residents to live somewhere where neighbors know each other and people feel like they really fit in and belong. Our clubhouses are so important to us because they are the perfect place for people to get together and bond with each other.

So, what types of things can you do in one of our community clubhouses?

Enjoy Our Community Events

Since we are such big believers in creating a feeling of community, one of the best ways for us to do that is by hosting events for our residents in our clubhouses. We have holiday parties, bingo nights, pancake breakfasts, potluck dinners, ice cream socials, and more! With so many events, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feel like you’re part of the community.

Spend Time With Your Neighbors

Even if we aren’t hosting a community event, you’re always welcome to come spend time with some of your neighbors in the clubhouse. It’s a great place to get together and chat, play board games, or get together for lunch or a snack while spending an afternoon at the pool.

Family Gatherings and Entertaining

Family gatherings and other parties you host make for some lasting memories, but sometimes they can be a challenge to plan since you might not have room in your home for everyone you’d like to invite. But if you’re planning a child’s birthday party or hosting a nice dinner for your family and could use some extra space for seating, why not use our community clubhouse?

All of our clubhouses have a great room with a fireplace in it, so you’ll be able to spend time with your friends, family, and neighbors in a stylish and very cozy environment! All you have to do is look at our HomeFirst™ manufactured home communities and decide which one sounds best for you!

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