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Warm Recipes for Cold Days

As we face another snowstorm in Michigan, we start thinking of ways to stay warm and cozy inside. Food is something that may cross your mind. Although, delivery drivers are still working, and risking their lives to deliver food so that you don’t have to brave the weather yourself, why not stock up at the grocery store before the snow hits and create your own menu.


Here are few cold weather recipes we’ve collected to help you stay warm:

Grilled Cheese
This kid favorite is really easy to make. You can add a lot of things to spicy it up as well.

Try adding meat, or vegetables to this classic sandwich. You can even make a grilled cheese bar and let everyone customize his or her sandwich.


A classic cold weather meal, soups are easy to make and can even be used as a way to clean out your cupboards. As long as you have a base to start with, like a broth, you can put multiple things in it.

Crockpot meals
Crockpots, or slow cookers as some people call them; make cooking a great meal really simple. Even if you are not a skilled cook, you can place all the ingredients in the pot and essentially forget about it until it’s ready to serve. There are so many different recipes, like the classic chicken and dumplings.

A fun option that you may not think of, Fondu!
Another fairly simple idea, it allows you to use your favorite ingredients and customize it to you and your family.

For more great recipes and inspiration, take a look at our pinterest board!

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