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Wanda Smith Receives Genesee County Award for Community Service

Our own Wanda Smith, Community Manager at Centennial Farms, was honored last year by Genesee County Community Mental Health, Board of Directors.  Wanda received the Community Partner Award because of her community service.

Wanda opened her doors to volunteers to make quilts at the Centennial Farms Clubhouse for Genesee County Residents.  Wanda joins in as a volunteer and quilter herself!  Her amazing quilts have even been auctioned off to help aid Veterans programs.

Although Wanda is incredibly modest, throughout the years Wanda has been making contributions that make a difference for people around her.  Over 20 years ago, Wanda worked tirelessly to start the first battered women’s program in Livingston County!  She is also a long standing member of the VFW and has also found time and a big spot in her heart to foster 2 handicapped boys along the years as well.

She cares so much about people she has even developed an Emergency Disaster Plan for her community to expedite response to emergencies that may affect the residents of Centennial Farms.

Wanda’s kind efforts should be applauded by us all.  This is another reason why HomeFirst Certified Communities are the best – because of awesome people like Wanda!

Congratulations Wanda – A Special Honor for a Special Lady!

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