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How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

When it comes to finding a job, social media can either be your best friend or worst enemy. It all depends on whether you’re using the channels correctly. There’s value in every social media channel as it relates to your career. Get the most by following these tips for five of the most popular channels.


The world’s largest network for professionals, LinkedIn is your expressway to employment. If you haven’t joined this network, you can do so for free. Optimizing your profile with copious details about your employment history and skills will increase your visibility to recruiters, who scan the site for potential candidates. You can also view job listings in your particular field, apply for jobs directly through the site, and connect with recruiters who might be able to get you an interview.


There are hundreds of handles on Twitter that post job openings for your field. Some of the best include @ZRjobs (Zip Recruiter), @JobsDirectUSA and @MrJobbie. Follow these handles and others specific to your field for a constant stream of job opening notifications that may be relevant to you. You can also go to to browse jobs in your area.


On Facebook, what you don’t do is more important than anything else. And what you shouldn’t do is post content that could jeopardize your candidacy for a potential job. The type of posts you should avoid are those that cast you in negative light. This can mean a lot of things, but it includes photos where you’re consuming alcohol and status updates where you advertise what others may deem as controversial beliefs. Many recruiters now comb through Facebook pages, and you never know what may turn them off.


Many companies, especially bigger ones, have YouTube pages to which they upload videos about their business. For example, DTE Energy in Detroit has videos about energy efficiency, managing energy usage and natural gas. Before interviewing at a company, it can’t hurt to visit its YouTube page (if it has one) and look for relevant information you can speak about.


One of the fastest growing photo-sharing platforms, Instagram now has over 200 million users. Just like Facebook, being careful about what type of photos to post is extremely important. Avoid posts that include alcohol or anything that could make you look irresponsible. Even if you’re of age and behaving responsibly in the photo, merely posting it could lead recruiters to question your decision-making. And in this super-saturated job market, that might be all it takes for the recruiter to move on.

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