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Tuesday at the Movies in Lansing, MI

Movie ticket prices have climbed higher and higher over the years, which makes going to the movies with the whole family, or even just on date night, a little less pleasant. However, at Celebration! Cinema in Lansing, MI you now have the opportunity to turn a typical Tuesday night into a discounted night at the movies.

This March, while we’re all still shaking off the snowy grip of winter, spend a Tuesday at your local movie theater. On Bargain Night you can see any new movie, except 3D titles (those are $7.00) for only $5.00. Check out your options:

On March 17 take your kids to the new live-action version of the classic Disney film “Cinderella” which stars Helena Bonham Carter and Lily James. This movie centers on a young girl who is forced into becoming a servant by her evil step-mother. Enjoy the twists and turns of this new take on a family classic at Celebration! Cinema. IMAX showings run from 12:30 pm to 9:15 pm, with regular showings from 11:10 am to 7:55 pm.

You can see the popular dramatic comedy “Focus” starring Will Smith on March 24 for date night. The movie focuses on an experienced con-man who takes an amateur con-artist under his wing. With plot twists and thrilling action sequences “Focus” will keep you on the edge of your seat from opening scene to final twist. Put a little excitement into date night with a great movie at an awesome price.

What kid growing up in the 80s or 90s does not remember the cult classic “The Breakfast Club”? A movie that inspired a generation, “The Breakfast Club” was about breaking the established roles of society, all within a high school setting. In the film, five students are spending their Saturday in detention. Being punished for various reasons, the teens slowly begin to break the bonds that high school cliques and social norms had placed upon them, without even realizing it. Through conversation, escape, and understanding, the teenagers realize that each of them are more alike than they ever thought possible. A movie that resonates with people even now, “The Breakfast Club” is the kind of film anyone can relate to. Which is the point. Celebration! Cinema in Lansing is presenting a special, 30th Anniversary showing of the movie at 7:30 pm on March 31. Don’t miss the chance to see this stereotype shattering film on the big screen.

Going to the movies doesn’t have to empty your bank account when you take your family or date to Bargain Night at Celebration! Cinemas in Lansing. Break up your week with a great movie this Tuesday.

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