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Trying To Eat Healthier? Re-Think Your Fridge

Stock your fridge and eat healthier

Do you consider yourself one of the many who are constantly trying to revamp your diet but always seem to be relapsing back into bad eating habits? Don’t worry; you are not alone in the struggle to eat healthy. Although it seems you have done everything to get yourself on the right track, have you ever considered something as simple as re-arranging your fridge?

In 5 easy steps you can revamp your fridge into a more ‘healthy eating’ format, which will, in turn promote you to grab healthier snacks and help you start kicking the junk food out of your diet!

Shelve Strategically

Fill the shelf that is eye level with healthy snack choices such a pre-cut veggies and fruit. If they are in your line of sight you are more likely to grab those when hunger strikes.

Pack Smart

When packing away leftovers, combine entrée’s and sides together into one container rather than into separate containers. By packing the leftovers into multiple containers, you will more likely to eat more than you intended by not having set portion sizes.

Shop More, Buy Less

Instead of stocking up for the next week or two in one grocery store trip, consider only purchasing for the next few meals and making more trips to the grocery store per month. By doing this, you will have less ‘stock’ in your pantry and fridge and minimize your options. With fewer options to choose from and less abundance of food you will subconsciously end up eating less per meal.

Hide the Junk

When stocking up on snacks, you have to be honest with yourself; more than likely even when buying healthier snacks you will still be buying your less healthy favorite snacks. This is perfectly okay as long as you watch your consumption of the unhealthy snacks. The best way to grab a healthier snack is to stock the healthy snacks up front and sort of ‘hide’ the unhealthier snacks. This way you will only grab the unhealthy snacks when you truly have a craving for them, not just because you are hungry.

Smarter Storage

Storing your food correctly will elongate the life of your food and save you money. You are more likely to purchase fruit and vegetables when you know they will stay fresh for longer.

Here are 5 great guidelines to abide by in order to help round out your mission for healthier eating. For more tips on smarter storage and information from scientific studies read the article about re-thinking your fridge. Hopefully this will help you eat healthier or just be an extra aspect to your already healthy diet.

Merry [healthy] Snacking!

Photo Credit: Ollie Craaford

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