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Top 12 Reasons Why People Love Their Manufactured Homes

With endless lifestyle and financial benefits, many people choose to purchase a manufactured home rather than buy an existing site-built home or have a new house custom-built in the elements, rather than in a climate-controlled factory. And many people are completely satisfied living in their manufactured homes. Numerous benefits come with residing in a manufactured home within a community of manufactured homes. Comfort, energy efficiency, affordability and flexibility are a few returns on the investment in a manufactured home.

People undoubtedly love their manufactured homes. Today, more than 17 million Americans happily live in manufactured homes. Over a third of the workforce is composed of millennials looking for affordable alternatives to conventional homes, and many of them are choosing to invest in manufactured homes. Seniors, too, look for affordability and flexibility when downsizing and settling into retirement years, where overall housing value is crucial.

Manufactured homes are also an attractive solution to renters looking for affordable housing options in Michigan. Their common question is this: “How much does a manufactured home cost?” In comparing 3-bedroom manufactured homes to 3-bedroom apartments in Michigan, it’s clear that purchasing and living in a manufactured home can actually cost less than renting.

The advantages to owning a manufactured home extend beyond financial benefits. HomeFirstTM develops communities that take quality of lifestyle into account when delivering value to manufactured home buyers. HomeFirstTM is a top manufactured home dealer in Michigan and focuses on customer satisfaction.

Here are the top 11 reasons why people love their manufactured homes.

1. Manufactured Homes Are Affordable

On average, manufactured homes cost 10% to 20% less per square foot to build than conventional site-built homes. This directly equates to a lower monthly payment for financing or allows you to allocate more funds toward increasing your home equity. With a manufactured home in a community designed exclusively for manufactured homes, the absence of land costs and servicing requirements significantly reduce the cash outlay in completing an entire building project.

In many locations, land costs consume up to half the total house construction budget. A manufactured home placed in a developed community can offset up to half of the costs, whether financed or not. The monthly rental fees of land in a manufactured home community will amount to far less than the acquisition of capital to purchase land and its financing costs. You can find mobile homes for sale in Michigan in our home listings.

2. Manufactured Homes Are Flexible

Today’s manufactured homes are not the mobile homes of the past. Purchasers today can choose between a wide variety of floor plans, facades, amenities and options including unique and flexible customization features.

Open floor plans include great room concepts, island kitchens, vaulted ceilings, skylights and flex-rooms. Manufactured homes are no longer restricted to one level. They’re available in split-level and two-story models with garages, decks and porches.

Manufactured homes are built in a wide variety of sizes. Following the trend to tiny houses, they can accommodate a 500-square-foot design to over a 5,000-square-foot design.

Manufactured homes can be designed to fit a particular lot or location — either an owner-provided property or one of the 15 manufactured home communities that HomeFirstTM operates across southeast Michigan.

Flexibility is not limited to design. It extends to the financial needs and abilities of the owner, the portability of the structure, the seasonal window for construction and placement, and the zoning requirements of the permitting jurisdiction.

Owners of manufactured homes also enjoy choosing finishing details from colors to window coverings, from furnishings to floorings and from lighting to landscaping.

Flexibility also extends to the placement locations for your manufactured home. Owner-provided lots include vacation homes, rural acreages or subdivision lots. Communities of manufactured homes provide the ideal flexibility for placement, layout and amenities.

Aside from affordability, the flexible choices available today benefit conscious home buyers.

3. Manufactured Homes Are Luxurious

Luxuries like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors aren’t restricted to purchasers of far more expensive, custom site-built homes. Soaker tubs, fireplaces and radiant heat are available in many of today’s manufactured homes. Gable roofs and bay windows are prominent in the manufactured homes available in HomeFirstTM communities. Many modern homes have two or more baths, walk-in closets, studies, dens and home offices. Owners can upgrade lighting, heating, and air conditioning features, and they love selecting tile, carpet or laminate floors.

Luxury in manufactured homes is not limited to the visible aspects of the building. Luxury also comes in space-saving design, creative use of natural light, sound control and high-performance mechanical systems like energy-efficient electrical use and precision climate control. Today’s modular homes offer the height of luxury in design appointment and building amenities.

4. Manufactured Homes Have Superior Construction

Without a doubt, manufactured homes are superior in construction to site-built, wood-frame homes. The assembly line, indoor and climate-controlled factories where modular homes are manufactured allow higher precision in cut and assembly. The fit and finish of manufactured homes is superior to homes constructed in an open environment.

Every step of the manufactured home construction process is monitored for efficiency, economy and effectiveness. Trained and skilled workers who are proficient in their tasks operate in a safe and comfortable workplace and use specialized tools.

HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulate factory-built manufactured homes. This quality assurance covers all facets of the manufactured homebuilding process and includes the framework, plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as the insulation, air and vapor barrier, wallboard and final finishing.

Site-built homes are exposed to the weather, whereas owners of manufactured homes enjoy houses constructed in dry environments. This significantly reduces the problems of twisting, warping and rotting experienced in houses built outdoors in wet, windy and cold conditions.

5. Manufactured Homes Are Assembled Quickly

Besides the foundation, manufactured homes are assembled in one-half to one-third the time it takes to build a conventional, site-built home. This greatly reduces the labor time and the carrying charges associated with a standard, wood-framed house.

Typically, a site-built home takes 6 months to construct. Conversely, owners of manufactured homes appreciate the fast delivery time their modular home offers. It’s common for a factory-built home to take 2 to 4 months to assemble, depending on size. It only requires a short period of time to set the manufactured home in its location and connect the servicing.

The fast rate of construction doesn’t mean the quality is sacrificed — in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Manufactured home construction is closely monitored and undergoes the same or more rigorous quality-control processes, including in-house supervision and third-party inspection.

6. Manufactured Homes Are Energy Efficient

Manufactured homes offer better energy efficiency than most conventionally built homes due to strict standards of assembly line construction and quality control programs. The single biggest energy loss in a home occurs through air leakage, whether it be from interior air escaping or exterior air entering through a loose building envelope. The climate-controlled environment of a factory allows a dry framework to be properly sealed against air loss or gain.

Many manufactured homes incorporate the use of energy-efficient air exchangers like heat recovery ventilators to mechanically “breathe” the home, greatly reducing the loss of warm air in the winter or cool air in the summer.

Owners of manufactured homes love the selection of energy efficient mechanical systems available, including high-performance furnaces, hot water tanks and a wide selection of Energy Star appliances. Superior insulation and thermal windows are also part of the energy-efficient features and benefits of manufactured homes.

7. Manufactured Homes Are Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured homes are available in a wide range of exterior and interior colors, but owners of manufactured homes especially appreciate green. Many manufactured homes feature green building materials and energy sources. It’s more than a moral responsibility that manufactured homeowners appreciate. It results in actual savings in their overall financial burden, their health and their lifestyle.

Green products appear in many parts of the manufactured home construction and appointment. Off-gassing of volatile organic components (VOCs) is far less in eco-friendly selected paints, floorings, cabinets and laminated materials that are available to modular home buyers.

Far less waste occurs in the manufactured home assembly line process, which leads to fewer products going into landfills. Builders are more likely to recycle or reuse leftover materials.

Warren Buffet, one of America’s foremost financial investors, purchased a modular home company and introduced a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified model call the “i-house.”  They have low-flow toilets and faucets, high-efficiency heat pumps and roofs designed to collect rainwater. Warren Buffet says that increasing the production of manufactured homes is key to solving the nation’s housing problem.

8. Manufactured Homes Have Excellent Warranties

Manufactured homes offer excellent quality control in their production, so builders and suppliers provide solid warranty programs including extended warranties on many components. Warranties include more than the main structural components like the frameworks and roof systems. They also include the mechanical systems, the windows and doors, the flooring and fixtures and even the built-in appliances.

Integrated communities like HomeFirstTM, developed in Michigan, facilitate dealer representatives to handle warranty claims on new manufactured homes. The insurance of extensive warranty coverage adds to the list of what owners love about their manufactured homes.

9. Manufactured Homes Offer Longevity

The lifespan of manufactured homes exceeds the limit of most site-built wood frame houses. The durability designed into manufactured homes endures road transportation from the factory to the point of set-up.

HomeFirst’s manufactured homes are built beyond the minimum federal, state and local code standards. They have superior structural elements not found in most frame homes. These elements resist movement over demanding road conditions. Manufactured homes are more durable to high winds, inclement weather and natural events like earthquakes.

10. Manufactured Homes Appreciate in Value

Manufactured homes last longer because of their superior design and construction materials, so they do not have the same rate of depreciation or requirements for extensive repair like many site-built homes.

In resale situations, perspective buyers often arrange for independent, third-party home inspections that detect the smallest of flaws. Professional home inspectors know the process that manufactured homes undergo and will often point out the value retained due to the superior manufacturing process.

11. Manufactured Home Communities Offer Lifestyle

Entire communities dedicated to manufactured homes is a growing trend across the nation. The benefits of owning a manufactured home in a dedicated community include:

  • Security of gates, patrols, community watches and resident managers
  • Communal clubhouses with health and fitness amenities
  • Landscaping and maintenance
  • Social activities
  • A sense of community belonging 

12. Manufactured Homes Allow Satisfaction of Home Ownership

HomeFirstTM sets the bar for affordable luxury living in southeast Michigan. As a leading supplier of top manufactured homes, we offer affordable housing options in Michigan. Our manufactured home communities are safe and serene, the comforts and flexibility are abundant, and the neighbors are friendly.

HomeFirstTM Communities are a collection of manufactured home communities in Michigan, providing an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle for families, individuals and retirees alike. There are 15 HomeFirstTM manufactured home communities in southeast Michigan, in the following cities:

  • South Lyon
  • Whitmore Lake
  • Belleville
  • Holly
  • Jackson
  • Milford
  • Lansing
  • Clemens
  • New Haven

Homeownership is the great American dream. The satisfaction of owning a home in a beautiful setting is possible through the purchase of a manufactured home in a HomeFirstTM community.

If you’re interested in the total comfort, affordability and flexibility of living in a manufactured home, apply today for pre-qualification in financing or schedule a visit to one of our communities.

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