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Top Reasons People Buy Manufactured Homes


Without a doubt, the affordable nature of manufactured housing is one of the biggest reasons people are interested in manufactured homes. The cost per square foot for a manufactured home is a fraction of what the per square foot cost is for a traditional site-built home. This makes the dream of homeownership a possibility for many people who thought they would never be able to actually own a home of their own.


If you think all manufactured homes look exactly the same, you’d be surprised by how many options are available to owners of manufactured homes. Manufactured homes come in a wide variety of styles and floor plans and can be further customized with various flooring options, appliances, decks, porches, carports, and fireplaces.

Speed of Construction

The speed of building a manufactured home simply can’t be beat. While building a site-built home can take months or even over a year to complete, manufactured homes can be built in significantly less time. Since they are built indoors, they aren’t subjected to things like weather related delays that site-built homes face.

But just because manufactured homes can be built quickly, that doesn’t mean the quality of construction is compromised. Manufactured homes are built in factories, using standardized processes which employees are all trained on and the workmanship can be inspected throughout the building process.


Although older manufactured homes have a reputation for not being very energy efficient, this isn’t true for modern manufactured homes. Modern manufactured homes are required to meet very high standards for energy efficiency. Plus, the highly efficient nature of how manufactured homes are built means very little building material goes to waste. Many manufactured homes also come outfitted with EnergyStar appliances as a standard feature, making them even more energy efficient, so you can save even more money and help the environment at the same time.

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