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Top Reasons to Buy a Holly Manufactured Home in 2015

It’s hard to resist the quaint, small-town charms of Holly, Michigan. It’s a small town that’s big on fun; a delightful place for families to call home. You can join the neighborhood by buying an affordable home in Springrove. Here are some of the top reasons to buy a home in this exceptional manufactured home community.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Home ownership is more than possible at Springrove. Our homes can be surprisingly affordable for Michigan families of all financial backgrounds, even those with bruised credit. HomeFirstTM has helped countless prospective homebuyers take possession of a home when they didn’t think it was realistic, and now they’re enjoying the stability and pride that comes natural when you own your own home.

View our home listings in Springrove and see for yourself why buying a beautiful home in Holly is more realistic than you think.

It’s Better Than Renting. Much Better!

Seriously though, why would you rent an apartment when you can buy a home Holly for less! Believe it or not, buying a HomeFirstTM manufactured home can be cheaper than renting an apartment. And the best part is, every payment you make goes to your future – not your landlord’s.

Amenities that Amaze

There’s an amenity for everyone at Springrove. Whether you’re an outdoorsman, sports enthusiast, or something different all together, you’ll enjoy all of the features you get for free as a resident. They include a 24-hour fitness center, children’s playground, outdoor swimming pool, and more. There’s even a clubhouse with a fireside great room designed for entertaining.

Location, Location, Location

Holly may be a small town, but it is anything but boring! All year round, Holly is bustling with activity. You’ll be right in the neighborhood of Mount Holly, one of Michigan’s top destinations for skiing and snowboarding. From August through October, Holly is home to the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  In November and December, Holly hosts the annual Holly Dickens Festival, which is the oldest Charles Dickens themed festival in the country. Historic downtown Holly is also home to many fantastic restaurants, stores, and many other fun community activities throughout the year.

Sense of Community

It’s easy to make new friends at Springrove. Like all HomeFirstTM Certified Communities, we take extreme pride in planning community events. They are planned by our friendly staff, and designed to bring residents of all ages together for fun and friendship building. The events contribute to the warm family atmosphere that reverberates throughout the community.

Design Your Way

Personalization goes out the window when you live in an apartment. That’s just the nature of living in a place that you don’t own. Buy a manufactured home at Springrove and you can do whatever you want, from changing carpet to hanging items on the wall. It’s your home, after all!

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