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Top Public Schools in Augusta Woods

If you’re looking for a great community in which to raise your family, consider Augusta Woods. Located in Belleville, MI, you won’t find a more nurturing environment for your kids. Not only does the community boast all of the amenities of a HomeFirstTM Certified Community, but families also get the benefits of being located in the Lincoln Consolidated Schools.

As most parents know, access to the right school district can make a big impact on your child’s education. Sadly, not all school districts are the same in terms of resources, teachers, extracurriculars and after-school programs.

Lincoln Consolidated Schools are among the best in Southeast Michigan, providing an exemplary educational experience where students develop the foundation for lifelong learning. As we get closer to the new school year, here’s what you should know about this excellent district. Information is courtesy of the district’s official website.

Variety of Schools

Within Lincoln Consolidated Schools there are four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school grade. Additionally, one of those elementary schools (Model Elementary) doubles as an Early Childhood Center. Here’s a breakdown of all the schools in the district:

  • Lincoln High School
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Bishop Elementary
  • Brick Elementary
  • Childs Elementary
  • Model Elementary and Early Childhood Center


Based in Augusta Township, MI, Lincoln Consolidated Schools serves the Augusta Woods Manufactured Home Community. Lincoln High School, specifically, is located in Ypsilanti. The district also has a School of Choice program, servicing students from across Washtenaw County.

Extracurricular Activities

Academics are just one component of a child’s education. While good grades are important, extracurricular activities are, too. Extracurriculars give students the chance to interact with others, challenge themselves and impress college recruiters with their well roundedness. From athletic teams to clubs like band, choir, drama, National Honor Society (NHS), Key Club, Lincoln Computer Club, and Lincoln High School Student Council, the district offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

District Beliefs:

  • Student learning is our highest priority.
  • Students, parents, staff, and the community share responsibility for student learning and must work together on behalf of students.
  • Students learn in different ways, at different rates, and at different times.
  • A caring, safe, orderly school environment enhances learning.
  • Students must accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Every individual should be treated with respect.
  • A positive attitude is essential for success and success builds self-esteem.
  • A multi-culturally enriched environment is necessary to foster acceptance of all individuals.
  • Learning is a life-long process.

Learn More

To learn more about Lincoln Consolidated Schools, visit its website or call (734) 484-7001

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