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Top 6 Reasons Manufactured Homes are Better Than Apartments

When it comes to your living situation, buying a home in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community is immeasurably better than renting an apartment. From lower prices to a higher quality of life, there are many reasons you should buy a home in one of our Michigan manufactured homes communities. Here are six of the top reasons:


Buying a manufactured home is often more affordable than renting an apartment. Our homes are economically friendly for families of all economic backgrounds, even those with poor or bruised credit. Plus, buying a manufactured home is a better investment. When you rent an apartment, all you’re doing is lining the pockets of your landlord. When you buy a buy a manufactured home, you’re investing in property that’s yours, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Your Yard

Unlike apartments, manufactured homes allow you to have your front and backyard. This means being able to enjoy a bunch of activities you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, like plant a garden and host parties. Even if your apartment has a designated outdoor recreation area, you won’t be able to enjoy privacy outdoors like you would in a manufactured home.

Superb Home Amenities

No apartment complex offers amenities like HomeFirstTM Certified. It’s that simple. From basketball courts and swimming pools, to 24-hour on-site staff and countless other recreational facilities, our communities have it all. Not only that, but we also plan year-round events and activities for our residents. All of these perks give you much better bang for your buck.


When you rent an apartment, you’re restricted in terms of personalization. Other than arranging your furniture, there’s not much you can do. Painting, changing countertops, even hanging pictures could all be in violation of your lease agreement. When you own a manufactured home, you’re not subjected to such rules. This gives you the freedom to decorate your home any way you’d like.

Stability and Security

When you live in an apartment complex, your landlord reserves the right to increase your rent at any time. Why would you choose to live under the constant threat of having to pay more? Buying a home puts you in control. Nobody can increase your monthly payment, or mess up your living situation on a whim. You’re the landlord, meaning that you make the rules!

Quality of Life

When you factor in all the benefits of owning a manufactured home, it amounts to an incredible quality of life. Ask any of our residents…it’s just better here. No matter which of our communities you make your home, you’ll instantly discover that the lifestyle here far exceeds anything you would get in an apartment complex.

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