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Top 5 For Sale by Owner Home Mistakes

Are you planning on selling a manufactured home in Michigan yourself? With manufactured homes for sale by owner, a bit of preparation will go a long way in minimizing the stress associated with the sale as well as maximizing the likelihood of a fast offer and a smooth sales process.

Here are five key mistakes to avoid when selling your manufactured home:

Mistake # 1 – Not Having Paperwork Together

Paperwork is important to the sales process in any property transaction, including when selling a manufactured home. Having your manufactured home title on hand is important as part of the sales process as it eases the transaction as well as provides confidence to the home buyer that you are, in fact, legally allowed to be selling a manufactured home.

As part of your planning process, ensure you have the title available as well as any important paperwork related to the property. Having it available in advance will save the hassle of looking during a sales negotiation process.

Mistake # 2 – Not Having All Facts Available

Listing the facts in any advertisements is important and can help you find motivated buyers.

  • Square footage.
  • Room dimensions.
  • Dates (When was it built, when were certain repairs completed, how old the furnace is, the roof, etc.).
  • A list of the features of the home (appliance types, models, extras, etc.) helps, too.

It’s also advantageous to have key information points available in flyer form or print format to provide to potential buyers who may want to collect the information as part of their process. If they have the facts on hand, they can refer to them when sitting down to determine which options might be the best for them.

You could have a quick information sheet put together easily with a photo of the home, the address, the make, model, and any VIN numbers, the asking price, your contact details, and fast facts about the property.

Talk to your community property manager for help with this, if needed, and they may even offer extra incentives to new residents that you can present as additional selling points.

Mistake #3 – Turning off Potential Buyers with Minor Repair Problems

You may not be willing to upgrade windows or put in a new roof or furnace before you sell your home, and that’s okay, but minor repairs that are neglected could turn off potential buyers. Fixing minor problems is smart and should be considered part of the home staging process.

Fix ripped wallpaper, touch up any chipped paint or wall imperfections, ensure doorknobs and light switches are all operational, for example.

People are more likely to want to move into a home if it appears to be in good condition.

Mistake #4 – Not Being Aware of the Rules for a Community

Is the home you are selling located in a 55+ community? Are there restrictions about pets or other things that potential buyers will need to be aware of? A list of the rules and requirements around your community can be added to an information sheet about your property for potential buyers. Major rules (such as adults only) should be in your sales listing on any property websites or newspapers.

Again, your community property manager can help with this so that you don’t break any rules with the sales process, jeopardizing the transaction.

Mistake # 5 – Not Staging Well

People seeking a home of their own want to envision the space as their own. Read a few staging articles to help you position your home in the best light possible.

Clean, uncluttered, and fresh-smelling homes will enable prospective buyers to envision themselves in that space. View it as a potential buyer both outside the home as well as from inside each room to maximize the chances of selling quickly and getting a great offer.

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