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Tips for Throwing a Great Birthday Party

While birthday parties are a wonderful celebration for both children and adults, it can also be a stressful event to plan. With a great guest list, a delicious menu, and a few creative theme ideas, planning a birthday party can be as fun as the event itself!

Consider the Location

When throwing a birthday party at home, choose the appropriate location for the festivities. You may choose to extend your guest list and have a fun backyard barbecue. This allows more space for guests to mingle, dance, and eat at the party. A smaller gathering in your home feels more personal and allows the birthday “Guest of Honor” more time with their close friends and family members.

For large birthday parties, many manufactured homes that are located in communities have a clubhouse to host events like these. The clubhouses feature fireside great rooms with enough space for plenty of guests. These communities also offer landscaped grounds with picnic and playground areas for a big outdoor celebration.

Choose a Theme

Every great birthday party incorporates a fun theme into the celebration. The theme can be created with banners, piñatas, balloons, and paper dinnerware. Examples of themes for children’s parties can include:

  • Cartoon Characters
  • Sports
  • Video Game Characters
  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite Activities (Racing, Swimming, Painting, Etc.)

For adults, a birthday party with a theme can also be exciting without being too juvenile. Banners, music, table settings/centerpieces, and other decorations can all create a more sophisticated theme party. Some adult birthday party theme ideas are:

  • “Over the Hill”
  • Age by Decade (30, 40, 50, Etc.)
  • Themes by Era (’80s Dance Party, Roaring ’20s, Woodstock, Etc.)
  • A Movie Theme (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Moulin Rouge”, Etc.)
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Party

If you do not want a theme, simply choose a festive color combination for the decorations to pull together the look of the party. Blue and silver, black and pink, and green and pink are just a few fun color options.

Time to Decorate

A party’s decor can run from sophisticated and demure to exciting and festive. For an elegant birthday party, decorations like floral arrangements and table centerpieces that feature candles or flowers add a touch of formality to the event. Linen napkins, tablecloths, and china can also be used for both adult parties and certain children’s parties such as a tea party theme. For a laid back and informal celebration, use birthday decorations like balloons, streamers, piñatas, and paper dinnerware.

Plan a Festive Menu

A birthday party should also include great food! Consider whether you are serving a meal or simply offering appetizers, snacks, and/or dessert. With a large crowd, finger foods may be the easiest, including:

  • Slider Sandwiches
  • Miniature Quiches
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
  • Vegetable Sticks and Dip
  • Cookies, Brownies, and Cupcakes
  • Mini Meatballs
  • Chips and Salsa

If you plan to serve a meal, you may want to consider easy options that almost everyone loves, such as:

  • Burgers and Hot Dogs
  • Grilled Steak or Chicken
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Club Sandwiches

With either menu, birthday cake and ice cream may be served for dessert!

Give Great Gifts

Make sure the “Guest of Honor” is spoiled on their birthday. You may consider creating a “Wish List” registry at their favorite store for guests to purchase gifts. Gift cards are also the perfect way to give a present without worrying about the right size or color. Other great gift ideas are:

  • Luxury Bath Sets
  • Gourmet Chocolates
  • New Sports Equipment (Golf Clubs, Tennis Racquets, or a Baseball Glove)
  • Books, Signed by the Author
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Jewelry
  • Spa or Massage Certificates

Throwing a great birthday party is easy with a little extra planning and a few ideas that make entertaining a breeze. The birthday guest will feel appreciated and loved on their special day!

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