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Tips for Raking Leaves at Your Manufactured Home

The fall season in Michigan can often be unpredictable.  With the high temperature some days peaking at 80 degrees, and some peaking at 50 degrees, it’s tough to figure out what to wear because of the uncertainty in the weather conditions. One thing is certain, though, and that’s the leaves falling off the trees for all to rake up once again. Raking leaves can be a strenuous chore that takes a toll on your back, but that doesn’t have to be the case every year.  Following a few simple steps can help prevent pain while raking in front of your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home.  You can also have some fun while raking as well.  There aren’t many chores where you can make fun activities while completing the task, but raking leaves is one of them.

How to Avoid Back Pain

As we get older back pain becomes harder and harder to avoid, but there are steps we can take while raking leaves to make the pain as minimal as possible, or even eliminate the pain all together.  When raking around your manufactured home, it’s important to keep your upper arms close to your body, and if at any point you feel like you need to stretch to rake the leaves close to you, move closer to the leaves and gradually rake them to the pile that you have made instead.

Although you need your arms to physically rake the leaves, it’s easy to use your legs to help you rake as well by guiding the leaves to a certain location. Avoid movements that involve extreme rotation because you want your spine to move as little as possible.  The less your spine moves, the less pain you’ll be in after you’re all finished.  Also, depending on how many leaves you have to rake, it’s important to shift your raking activity to the opposite side of your body.  If you started out raking just on the left side of your body, move to the right side about 15 to 20 minutes through to get an even balance on your body.  If you rake on one side for the entire duration of the chore, you could cause a strain on that side.

Have Some Fun!

If you have young kids or happen to invite your grandchildren over to your HomeFirst™ Manufactured House for the day, make a fun activity out of raking leaves. One way to do this is to make a leaf pile as big as you can, and see if the little ones want to jump in and make a mess that they won’t get in trouble for.  Even though you’d have to touch up the pile after they’re done jumping into it, it’s worth it if you get to complete a chore at the same time they have fun.  After you’re all done getting the leaves raked back up, it’s time to put them all in a bag and set them out for the garbage men to pick them up.  
If you take notice to the steps mentioned here, It can be an easy, fun, pain free time the next time you go outside to rake up your leaves.                

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