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Helpful Tips for Buying a Used Manufactured Home

Are you looking at Michigan options for your own home? Many now look closely at manufactured homes as a cost-effective way to get into the housing market. Conversely, it can be a great way to downsize, too, when you want to cut costs and/or when you find that you no longer need as much space.

If you are in this situation, there are some great options in used manufactured homes in the state of Michigan. This is an increasingly popular cost-effective alternative to a typical new or resale home. Used manufactured homes are substantially less than a traditional new or resale home and are often in great established communities with great amenities. You can get high-end finishes and contrary to what some think, there are some great options with as much living space as an average sized bungalow.

Whether you have decided that a used manufactured home is the route you want to take or are still weighing out your options, here are some things to keep in mind when you look at buying a used manufactured home.

Moving a Manufactured Home

When buying a used manufactured home, consider the cost of moving it versus leaving it where it is. For many Michigan families, it’s more cost effective to buy used manufactured homes in a location where you will be happy to live. Established manufactured home communities are sprinkled throughout the state and buying one that is in a great location can save you thousands on moving expenses.

Buying a manufactured home in an existing and established community you want to live in is often the way to keep things simple and cost effective. With this in mind, choosing a location is important. In Michigan, there are some great manufactured home communities in Lansing, Jackson, Holly, Belleville, Mount Clemens, and more. Many of these locations will have existing used manufactured homes for sale.

If you opt to buy from a company with several manufactured home communities, there may be home buying incentives that allow you to move the home you choose to the preferred community without additional costs.

Choosing a Manufactured Home Community

What’s important to you in a community? There are manufactured home communities in more urban settings as well as options that are in more rural areas. There are adult only communities as well as family communities. Think about the amenities you want and need as part of the process, unless you are considering moving the home to another location.

Some manufactured home communities have great extras, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, and a community-minded feel, which can be great for families as well as for seniors.

If you are buying a home within an existing community, there may be ongoing costs to consider for the lease of the land or any fees that can be similar to condominium fees. That said, this can still be a very cost-effective alternative to a typical house or condominium.

Keep Up the Value of Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes end to depreciate quickly if they are not well-maintained. Protect your investment with regular maintenance. When you purchase the home, consider any warranty offered on existing elements, such as the roof, the home heating and cooling system, and so forth.

A Home Buying Option with Great Benefits

If you are buying a used manufactured home, you can save a lot of money. There are many used manufactured homes for sale in Michigan and manufactured homes can have some big selling points, offering, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, or more. Review your options in home styles as well as communities, get prequalified for financing on a Michigan manufactured home, and plan for regular maintenance and you could find this to be an excellent investment.

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