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Throwing a Party in your Manufactured Home

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is almost upon us once again and with holiday fun comes celebrations! It’s the perfect time of year to invite your friends or family over for a nice dinner or maybe just to have some fun.

The good news is that manufactured homes come in a wide variety of sizes so you’ll probably have plenty of room to accommodate guests right in your home. In HomeFirst™ communities, you’ll find manufactured homes that are up to 2,300 square feet and often have three or four bedrooms. So go ahead and invite people over for parties for your family, friends, or kids’ celebrations! They’re bound to be impressed by how nice your new manufactured home is and how much spacious your home is.

If your party is getting a little large for your home, that’s no problem at all! Don’t forget that as a HomeFirst™ resident, you’ll be able to take advantage of your community’s clubhouse. Each of our communities has its own country club style clubhouse and it’s perfect to use for occasions such as this. You’ll have plenty of seating available in there, plus you’ll have room to set up all your food to serve your guests! Having access to something like this can make planning your party a lot easier.

And don’t forget about outdoor space! If the weather is nice enough, why not take advantage of your home’s yard for the perfect outdoor party? That’s an option you probably wouldn’t have if you lived in apartment because you wouldn’t have a yard of your own to spend time in.

However, if throwing your holiday party in your own home is still important to you, remember there are ways to make your space bigger if you’re in a pinch. Try moving furniture around, or even putting some larger items into storage to create for more floor space. All homes in HomeFirst™ communities have their own outdoor storage sheds and many homes also have garages, which could work perfectly for this. Less furniture in your home may look a little bare at first, but once your house is filled with your loved ones, you won’t notice a thing.

This holiday season, settle down with HomeFirst™ and create the memories of a lifetime. Through throwing parties, hosting banquets, or just enjoying simple holiday fun with the family, HomeFirst™  can help you have the perfect holiday season.

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