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Throw a Retirement Party at HomeFirst™

By the time you reach your sixties or seventies,  it’s time to forget about working and start relaxing.  You’ve lived a busy life, but now you can spend time on yourself and experience everything you didn’t get a chance to while working 40 hours a week. Vacations and putting your feet up should be the norm for you nowadays.  

If you have a friend who is on the cusp of retiring, why not throw a party for them in your manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community?  Whether it’s inside your fresh looking manufactured home, or in our clubhouse that’s available to reserve, your friend and all the guests will appreciate the time you took to plan out such a prestigious event.  There are plenty of ideas to ponder when planning the party, and it’s time to sort them all out.  

Other Opinions Matter

Although you and your peer are great friends, they might have had previous co-workers who know different things about the new retiree. Call up some of their previous co-workers and, besides inviting them to the party, ask them about different specialty food or drinks that the retiree may like along with different people they may want to attend the party that you don’t know of.  Your friend will be shocked to see all of the previous co-workers of theirs that you were able to invite that you don’t know first hand, but were able to invite because you got ahold of another friend.  

Set a Theme

Everybody loves a get together, but if there is a theme centered around the party, it can be so much more exciting.  If the retiree worked for a car manufacturing company, have an auto themed party that can involve a car cake, decorations, tablecloths, or games.  Set up a Bingo game and instead of numbers, have each of the spaces be centered around car parts.  If they worked for the post office, have a mail truck cake constructed that will look and taste stupendous.  

Suggest Moving to HomeFirst™

As people start to retire, they often start looking for ways to downsize. Hosting the party in a HomeFirst™ community is a great way to show all the great things being a HomeFirst™ resident has to offer. Once they see how great it is, they may want to move in, too. In fact, we have a resident referral program that can help you earn extra money if you recommend HomeFirst™ to a friend and they move in. Pitch the idea of becoming neighbors, and that way you two can relax, and possibly plan vacations together.  
So, whether you have 10 or 50 people attending the retirement party for your friend, it’s a spectacular idea to host it at HomeFirst™ where everyone is sure to have a great time.

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