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Things That Might Surprise You About Living in a Manufactured Home

If you’re thinking of moving into a manufactured home, you’ve probably heard all about how it’s so affordable and the great amenities you’ll find in the community you’re thinking of living in. But living in a manufactured home has so many more benefits beyond its affordability. So what are some of the more unexpected benefits that come along with living in a manufactured home?

Customizing Your Home is Easy

If you decide to live in an ordinary site-built house or an apartment, it’s virtually guaranteed that no matter how much you love your new home, there will be something you’re not 100% happy with unless you have one built specifically for you. There will always be some something like walls that need to be painted, flooring you’d like to change, cupboards you’d like to replace. And if you’d like to change something major, like the type of siding on your house, that’s going to be a costly project so you might be stuck with it for a while.

But if you choose to order a brand new manufactured home right from the factory, you’ll be able to have your home built exactly the way you want it to be and it will be much cheaper and faster than having a site-built home built. You’ll have lots of floorplans to choose from and you can customize your new home even further by choosing from different styles of ceilings, siding, roofs, decks and porches, fireplaces, flooring, exterior siding, and more! If you need a wheelchair accessible home, this is a huge benefit because you can design a home to work with you instead of trying to retrofit an existing home.

You Can Downsize Without Feeling Like You’re Losing Anything

When many people start considering manufactured housing, it’s because they’re looking to downsize. Sometimes it’s because they want to save money, other times people simply want to have less to maintain because they’re retiring or their kids have moved away and they no longer need a larger home. Even if you’re downsizing because you want to, it can still be a difficult transition since it usually means moving into a smaller home with less storage space available.

The great thing about manufactured homes is that they let you downsize and live more economically, but without making you feel like you’re missing out on anything. Many manufactured homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms and are still extremely affordable. In HomeFirst™ communities, you’ll find manufactured homes up to 2,300 square feet in size and come with spacious walk-in closets, lots of cupboard space, garages, and storage sheds. No need to make the kids share bedrooms or have a big moving sale to get rid of the things you won’t have room for in your new home!

The Real Sense of Community

HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are so much more than simply a place to live in an affordable home. We really like to try to make our communities places where you feel like you really belong. In each of our communities, you’ll find a clubhouse where we frequently hold community events like ice cream socials, holiday parties, bingo nights, resident appreciation events, and more. If you don’t already know anyone in the community, these events are a great way to come out and meet new people.

Although some manufactured housing communities are only open to certain demographics, such as people age 55 and older, you’ll find people from all walks of life living in HomeFirst™ communities — retirees, young families, single people. With such a diverse group of residents, you’re bound to find people you have lots in common with.

Ready to start taking advantage of all the benefits that come with living in a manufactured home? Take a look at the great manufactured homes available to rent or own in our amazing communities! No matter which of our communities you choose, you’ll be living near some of Michigan’s most thriving locations near great schools, lots of places to work, and plenty of fun things to do. Don’t wait to contact us if you’re interested in a home in one of our communities! The home of your dreams could be right here waiting for you to move in!

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