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The Perks of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

As you look through listings of houses for sale/rent or apartments to rent, you might feel frustrated by the lack of options available in your budget. If this sounds like an all too familiar situation for you, finding a listing for a home in a manufactured home community can feel like a very welcome relief. A spacious home in a great location at an amazing price? Sounds great, right?

One of the biggest advantages to living in a manufactured home community is, indeed, how incredibly affordable it is. Manufactured homes cost much less than other types of homes, so even if you never thought you’d be able to own a home, manufactured housing could make your dream come true. But aside from the affordability of the homes, what are some of the other advantages to living in a manufactured home community?

The Sense of Community

By living in a HomeFirst™ community, you get so much more than an affordable place to live. When you think of the things that make a home, of course, you’ll think of the structure itself, but you’ll also probably think of things like your family and the other people who live nearby. If you live in a neighborhood where you just don’t feel like you fit in and you don’t know anyone, it can hard to truly feel at home in your own home.

At HomeFirst™, we strive to make our communities the sorts of places where residents can truly feel like they belong. That’s why each of our communities has a very stylish and comfortable community clubhouse. These clubhouses are the perfect setting for our community events, which are always a lot of fun and are a great way to get to know your neighbors. Even if we aren’t hosting a community event, the clubhouse is an excellent place to relax and have fun with your friends around the community.

More Privacy

If owning or renting a regular site-built home is out of your budget, you might think that renting an apartment or buying a condo or duplex would be more affordable options. Unfortunately, there’s one big thing you sacrifice when you go with any of those and that’s privacy. Living in an apartment, condo, or duplex means you will most likely have to share at least one wall with a neighbor. If that wall separating you and your neighbor is thin, it can feel like you and your neighbor are practically roommates.

By buying or renting a manufactured home in one of our HomeFirst™ communities, you’ll be getting more privacy for an extremely affordable price. Our homes are not placed wall-to-wall, so you’ll have a comfortable amount of distance between you and your neighbors. You won’t have to worry about hearing every little thing that goes on in your neighbor’s home or that your neighbor might be listening to everything that you do.

More Freedom

Are you a long-time renter? If so, wouldn’t it be great to have a more freedom to do things like have pets or to decorate the way you want? If you owned a manufactured home, the payments you’d make on your home each month could be even less than what you’d pay to rent a house or an apartment. And since you’d own your home, you’ll finally be able to decorate your home exactly the way you want to. Yes, it’s true: you could save money and still get the freedom you want! How’s that for a win-win situation?

Lower Taxes

Living in a manufactured home community puts you in the unique position of being able to own the home you live in, but rent the land it sits on. The nice thing about this arrangement means you’re not responsible for paying property taxes! Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about that?

As you can see, manufactured home communities offer a lot of great benefits that other housing options just can’t. HomeFirst™ has manufactured homes for sale in many of southeastern Michigan’s most ideal locations. With HomeFirst™, you’ll have no problem finding a wonderful, affordable home in a location that’s great for you!

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