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The HomeFirst™ Refurbishment Process

Buying a used home in a HomeFirst™ community already comes with plenty of advantages. They make perfectly affordable starter homes for anyone looking to get out of their apartment or duplex, and many times buying a used home turns out to be cheaper and more advantageous than renting!

But did you know that HomeFirst™ refurbishes all of their used homes before they’re sold or rented? When we purchase a used home, after the previous tenants have vacated, our community managers and a licensed team of contractors go through every inch of your home to clean, make repairs, and ensure everything is ready for you to move into.

The carpet is generally completely removed and replaced, for starters, to ensure the freshest, newest, and cleanest carpeting is laid throughout your new home. Depending on the age and condition of any non-carpeted flooring, such as linoleum or laminate, these may be replaced or repaired as needed.

Cabinets and walls are attended to as well. Many times, if the kitchen cabinets and fixtures are older or showing signs of use, they will be removed and replaced with newer ones, and any major wear on the walls of the home will be repaired as well. Plumbing and electrical are also repaired at this time, if any major issues are present. This way, your home is ready for you to move into without requiring any major repairs on your part!

The refurbishment process isn’t the only benefit of buying a used HomeFirst™ manufactured home. Our special financial offers such as the Home Town Heroes program for doctors, teachers, and military personnel, or the Down Payment Match program to help fund your home’s down payment, all apply towards the purchase of a used home as well as new ones!
If you’re looking to get into a manufactured home community and finally own a home of your own, our fully refurbished pre-owned homes are the perfect place to start. Browse our selection of manufactured homes for sale and find the perfect home for you and your family!

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