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The Financial Benefits of Living in a Manufactured Home

Are you considering buying or renting a manufactured home for the first time? If so, you’re on the path to making a very smart financial decision! Cost of living expenses can easily eat up a lot of a person’s income, so it makes perfect sense to want to find a way to cut down on housing costs.

Unfortunately, cutting down on housing expenses can often mean moving into a smaller, less comfortable home or moving to a home in a less than ideal location. The good news is that by moving into a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll be able to save money without having to sacrifice the size of your home or an excellent location.

The homes in our communities come in a wide variety of sizes and many of them have three or four bedrooms, so no matter how big or how small your family is, you’ll be able to find an affordable home that works for you. Our communities can be found in some of Michigan’s most ideal locations, too, so you’ll be close to great schools and exciting cities full of great job opportunities.

One of the things most people hear about manufactured homes is how they cost so much less than other types of homes. It’s true: manufactured homes can be built for a fraction of the cost that a site-built home can be. But don’t let that lead you to believe that manufactured homes are substandard or built using lower quality materials. Manufactured homes are built to meet very high building codes and are built using the exact same types of materials that are used for other types of homes. But since they’re built indoors in factories, builders are able to purchase materials in bulk at a better price than other types of home builders can.

If you’ve been renting an apartment or house, you could save quite a bit of money by renting or buying a manufactured home. Depending on the size of your family, apartment living might not be a very practical option for you. Most apartments don’t have three or four bedrooms and the ones that do are often extremely expensive. Plus, you’ll have a lot more freedom than you’d get by renting or buying an apartment or site-built home!

Not only can you save money on the home itself, manufactured homes can help you save even more money on energy bills. Modern manufactured homes meet very strict building standards for energy efficiency and some homes even come with Energy Star certified appliances. You can even look into installing thermal skirting on your home to keep your energy costs down to a bare minimum.

One of the biggest financial benefits of living in a manufactured home is that you’ll have fewer taxes to worry about than you would if you owned a site-built home. HomeFirst™ and most manufactured home communities are land-lease communities, meaning that even if you own your home, but you rent the land it sits on. The big upside to this arrangement is that you won’t have to worry about paying property taxes!

When you decide to live in a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll also have the benefit of having free access to money management advice from the experts at Greenpath Debt Solutions. Whether you need help with a more complex financial issue like getting out of debt or would just like some guidance in setting up a household budget, you’ll be able to get all the help you’ll need!

Why keep paying more? Find the financial freedom you want at HomeFirst™! You’ll wonder why you didn’t look into manufactured homes sooner!

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