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The Different Sizes of Manufactured Homes

Suppose you’re looking for a new home for yourself and your family. One of the first things you might look for is the right amount of space. Different families of different sizes will always have different space needs, and we at HomeFirst™ offer a wide variety of manufactured homes in different floor plans, different sizes, and different configurations for anything your family might need.

To demonstrate the different sizes homes come in, it’s important to learn the different terms used to describe them. Manufactured homes come in two different configurations: single-wide, also referred to as single-line, and double-wide, also referred to as sectional. Both of these homes offer different advantages depending on your space needs, family size, and lifestyle.

Single-wide homes are often what people think of when they think of a ‘traditional’ manufactured home. These are designed longer and more narrow, with the rooms leading from one end to another, generally keeping the bedrooms on one side with the kitchen and living room on the other. Even with the slightly reduced dimensions when compared to double-wides, single-wide homes still offer plenty of space for families or anyone looking to live on their own, and many single-wides can still offer two (or more) bedrooms to provide all the space you need!

Those with bigger families, or anyone who needs the extra room, would want to consider a double-wide. As opposed to the more lengthy construction of a single-wide home, double-wide homes are built to be shorter and wider, more resembling a traditional site built house. Double-wides get their name due to their construction process – the house is actually shipped in two different sections and joined at the site using a joint called a marriage line. Due to their double-wide construction, these houses tend to offer wider dimensions, more bedrooms, and even extra bathrooms!
There’s no one manufactured home that’s better than the others. Families of any size or lifestyle, from retirees living on their own to the biggest and closest family, will find something to love in any size home they can find at one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured home communities. If you’re looking to move yourself or your family into a manufactured home, contact HomeFirst™ today to see what we can offer.

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