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The Best Things About Living in Flat Rock

Over the past twenty years or so, the city of Flat Rock, Michigan has quickly grown and turned into one of Michigan’s most desirable places to live. Flat Rock’s location is truly ideal, near Oakwoods Metropark as well as cities like Wyandotte, Westland, and Taylor. Since the year 2000, the city has taken on several projects to help enhance the community and make it a better place to live. With so many great things happening in the area, it’s easy to see why Flat Rock has become such a popular place, but these are hardly the only reasons that people are flocking to Flat Rock! Here are a few more reasons why Flat Rock has turned into the place to be!

Excellent Schools

A first-rate education doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When you buy or rent a manufactured home in our Deerfield Estates community, your children will be able to attend Flat Rock Community Schools, a district that SchoolDigger rates as being in approximately the top third of all Michigan school districts.

Thanks to very strong support from the local community, a brand new building was recently built for Flat Rock High School and other school buildings in the district were improved and renovated. Flat Rock Community Schools also has a very large group of registered volunteers from the community.

Students in Flat Rock Community Schools also have the chance to participate in some amazing programs that prepare them for high-paying, in-demand careers. Just recently, Governor Snyder visited Flat Rock High School specifically because of their innovative vocational training programs!

Great Recreation

While it’s important to have a home in an area with great schools and has lots of career opportunities, you shouldn’t overlook the recreational opportunities in the area, either. After all, you need fun things to do when the work day is over and it just so happens that Flat Rock has plenty of options for that!

The Flat Rock Community Center is an excellent source of things for people of all ages to do. From day camps and youth sports teams to fitness classes for adults and activities for seniors, the Flat Rock Community Center truly has something for everyone.

Are you a fan of bluegrass music? If so, you’ll love living so close to the Huron Valley Eagles Club, which is one of the best places in the entire state for live bluegrass music. Over the years, the Huron Valley Eagles Club has hosted many bluegrass music legends and other top bluegrass performers.

For some affordable fun for the whole family, look no further than the Flat Rock Speedway! Since 1953, Flat Rock Speedway has been an excellent place to see stock car and go-kart races. Best of all, it’s just a few minutes down the road from Deerfield Estates!

Lots of Ways to Get Involved

Flat Rock certainly has strong community spirit and a big part of that comes from having so many ways for residents to get involved. The city of Flat Rock has lots of clubs and activities for residents to join, including baseball teams, a historical society, a Soroptimist Club, a Rotary Club, a VFW, a Lion’s Club, and several different sporting clubs. So many of these groups are dedicated to making Flat Rock an incredible place to live and their hard work has certainly paid off!

When cities go through such strong periods of growth the way Flat Rock has, it can send the prices of homes in the area through the roof. But living in Flat Rock can be extremely affordable! HomeFirst™’s Deerfield Estates community has modern, high quality mobile homes for sale that are much less expensive than other types of homes in the area. Whether you’re looking for a larger 3 or 4 bedroom home to raise a growing family in or want to downsize to a smaller home for your retirement years, we have homes for you!

Not only are the homes in our community extremely affordable, your money goes even further at Deerfield Estates thanks to nice community amenities like a swimming pool, playgrounds, recreation areas, and a stylish clubhouse. Would renting a home be a better option for you? We also have manufactured homes for rent! If you have any questions about Deerfield Estates or would like to see a home in our community, contact us. We’d be happy to help answer your questions and help you find the home of your dreams.

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