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The Benefits of Living in Deerfield Estates

If you’re thinking about moving out of your house into something much more convenient and cheaper for you, then consider moving into a beautiful, relaxing Homefirst™ community that is fit for anyone, whether you live alone or have a family of 4. There are so many benefits, you’ll think you’re getting a steal when you first step foot in your manufactured home. With up to 2,300 feet of space to call home, you’ll find the homes in our communities are built to the highest of standards.  If you like playing around outside, we have a playground for the kids and recreational areas to run around and play on. Go ahead and invite your friends, too! Our luscious clubhouse is enough to accommodate your whole family if you want to have lunch after playing outside or want to have some fun indoors playing board games. You can even host a birthday party there if you want!          

Flat Rock is Fantastic!

If you choose to move into Deerfield Estates in the city of Flat Rock, then you’ve made a smart decision. With a population of just under 10,000 people, you’ll get that simple, small town feel once you travel outside the manufactured housing community to the grocery store or local restaurants.  There have been tons of renovations done in the city within the past 15 years that include constructing a baseball complex, library, historical park, and community recreation center. The city has truly improved greatly so that the citizens can be proud of the fact that they live in Flat Rock.  If you’re looking for a job in the city, there are plenty. You’ll be close to the Flat Rock Assembly Plant of Ford Motor Company, where there are sure to be jobs available.  All you have to do is research the specific jobs and apply for the one that you want.  Flat Rock has everything that you could want, including a reliable manufactured home in HomeFirst™.

Don’t Wait Much Longer

All of the homes within the Deerfield Estates Community in Flat Rock tend to go pretty fast, and it’s known around the state of Michigan how great all of the HomeFirst™ Manufactured Housing Communities are. You can get some of our houses within the community for unbeatable prices!  If you believe that living in Flat Rock is too good to be true, then make a visit to the city and swing by Deerfield Estates to see for yourself, and we promise you won’t be let down.  We understand that it’s a big decision to move from home to home, but we also don’t want you to miss out on all the gigantic benefits that you gain by moving in with HomeFirst™. So  move into a manufactured house right away and ensure your happiness for the future.   

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