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The Benefits of a Land-Lease Community

What is Land-Lease?

A lot of confusion exists over what a land-lease community is, and we’re here to help clear it up! A land-lease community refers to how residents of a community rent the space their homes sit on, whether or not they own the home that they live in. There are several advantages to this approach which many potential manufactured home community residents might not know about!


Land-lease payments typically occur on the same schedule as the payments on your home, but they’re likely cheaper than you may be expecting! Many times, land-lease fees are cheaper than similar mortgage payments and property tax on site-built housing, which means better long-term savings for you and your family. Better yet, all of our HomeFirst™ communities offer five-year guaranteed rate on home site leases, ensuring your lease payments stay affordable!

On-Site Management

Land-lease communities combine the benefits of having your own home with the sort of property management and support that you wouldn’t get in a site-built home on its own lot. Our HomeFirst™ communities feature 24-hour on-site management to help with any property concerns, maintenance issues, or anything else you may encounter. Readily available and affordable help – that’s just one of the benefits of leasing your land from HomeFirst™!

Amenities and Benefits

In addition to the on-site management, leasing land in a community brings with it a number of amenities and advantages that you wouldn’t get in a typical apartment or site-built house. When you lease a lot in a HomeFirst™ community, you get access to our on-site amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, playgrounds, and more! HomeFirst™ wants to make you feel at home, no matter which of our communities you live in.

The Ability to Bring Your Own Home

What if you own your own manufactured home, but you want to move out of your current location? HomeFirst™ offers community lots to bring your own manufactured home so you can enjoy all of the benefits of HomeFirst™ community life while keeping your own home! And better yet, if you want to move your manufactured home into one of our communities, we’ll even pay to have it moved!

Land-lease communities are a great alternative to traditional (and costly) site-built housing, with a host of benefits and advantages all their own. So what are you waiting for? If you want a new place to live for your family, browse our manufactured home communities today and find the perfect home!

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