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Thanksgiving Day Parade

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What is your Thanksgiving tradition?

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving in Metro Detroit — besides delicious food and spending time with family — is the The Parade Company’s Thanksgiving Parade in Downtown Detroit. This annual family-friendly parade truly makes Thanksgiving an extremely special day.

The Thanksgiving Parade is held in Downtown Detroit and kicks off at 9:05 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day near the Woodward Avenue-Mack Avenue intersection.

Check out The Parade Company’s official website for the big event, filled with all the necessary information for location, special events for children and private parties. So if you’ve been going to this parade for years, or are looking to start off a new family tradition, this annual Detroit Thanksgiving Parade is a beautiful and fun experience to really kick off your Thanksgiving Day together in the right way!

Photo Credit: Erik Przekop

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