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Ten Indoor Activities for a Snow Day

Enjoy a Snow Day at HomeFirst™

With the inconsistent weather that goes on in the state of Michigan all year round, it’s anyone’s guess as to when or how much it will snow during the winter on any given day.  Parents know that the chance for snow days are great whenever blizzard conditions roll in.  When this happens, kids can go outside and play, but sometimes the conditions are so harsh that it may be unsafe for your kids to go outside, either due to how deep the snow is, or how cold it can get, especially with wind chills.  

When you live in a HomeFirst™ community, you and your family can stay warm during those brisk days.  There are tons of activities you and your kids can do indoors to pass the time when your kids are home from school because of a snow day.

  • Indoor Bowling-  Find six or ten plastic bottles from around the house, and use a tennis ball to bowl them over.  Keep score on a piece of paper or just play for fun!
  • Make Some Butter-  Children love doing this.  Put some heavy whipping cream into a mason jar, and have them shake it for 30 minutes.  It’s great for burning energy, and your child will be proud of themselves after they produce the butter.
  • Bake a Bunch of Apple Chips-  These are very easy to make.  Slice apples up into thin pieces, and your kids can help by sprinkling cinnamon on them once you lay them all on a baking sheet.  Cook for 45 minutes on each side, and you’ll have yourself a tasty treat!
  • Vanilla Cinnamon Steamers-  Heat up some milk on the stove without boiling it, and add some vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon to it in which you and your kids can enjoy.  Don’t forget to add to add whipped cream on top once you pour a cup.
  • Read Some Winter Books-  Read short winter stories to your kids from books you have laying around your manufactured home.  Start a fire in your fireplace, and have your kids settle down for a nap while you’re reading to them.
  • Make a Toy Parachute-  All you need is a plastic bag, some yarn or string, and a plastic or styrofoam cup.  Cut up some string and poke a couple holes in the cup, and let it fly!  Your kids can decorate the cup to customize it as their own.  Just like you did with your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home.
  • Indoor Snowball Fight-  Crumble up pieces of paper into a ball and wrap them in plastic wrap until they’re soft, and have fun.  Make sure you store any valuables that might accidentally get hit.
  • Indoor Snow Fort-  Your kids have probably done this before with couch cushions, pillows, and blankets, but you can incorporate the winter feel into it by calling it a “make believe snow fort” this time.
  • Scavenger Hunt-  Make up a list of items to find around the house, and have your kids compete to see who can find them all first.
  • Clothespin Animals-  Use clothespins as legs, and cut out animal bodies from construction paper around the house.  These are inventive, and your kids will love playing with them once they’re done making them

All these activities can be done right inside your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home as it is the warmest place to be during those grueling snow days.  Enjoy one or all of these activities with your kids the next time school is canceled for the day.                     

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