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Tell a Friend! The HomeFirst Referral Program

When you love living somewhere, it’s only natural to want to tell your friends or family members about it. And since we’re sure you’re going to love living in a HomeFirst™ community, you just might have someone you know asking about it!

If that’s the case, why not take advantage of the HomeFirst™ Referral Program? We offer plenty of chances for our current residents to get extra cash* by referring others to live in a HomeFirst™ Certified Community!

It’s easy to do – so long as your referral mentions you on first contact, you qualify for the program! And the amount you get goes up the more you refer – your first referral gets you $150, your second gets $300, and your third gets $500!

These referral rates only apply to purchases of a new home, but even if your referral rents a home or buys a brokered home, you are still entered into the program! Referrals who rent or purchase a brokered home (a home in a HomeFirst™ community being sold by a third-party) will still net you $100!

As you may know, HomeFirst™ will pay to move a manufactured home from its current site into one of our communities. If your referral owns (and is living in) a manufactured home they would like to keep, but they want to move it into a HomeFirst™ Certified Community, we will pay to have their home moved! And it has benefits for both of you – in addition to paying to move the home in the first place, you will receive $250 for the referral!

HomeFirst™ communities and homes offer many benefits, like a wide selection of spacious homes, low interest rates, flexible financing, and many more! Once your friends see all of these advantages, they’ll be sure to want to join your neighborhood – why not make it work for both of you and get into the HomeFirst™ Referral Program?

*Referral bonuses paid within 30 days of closing.

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