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Take the Perfect Fireworks Photo

It’s fireworks season! Which means a lot of cities and towns will be putting on their annual fireworks display. Make sure that you capture all the fun excitement like a pro this year. Here are some great tips to help you take that perfect photo on your phone:
Location: If you can, pick a place with a vantage point that shows surrounding landscape and buildings. This will help to show depth and scale of these massive fireworks.
Be Still: For the best firework photos, make sure the camera remains completely still by propping it on a table, ledge, or tree.
No Flash: The flash is not necessary because the subject matter provides enough light itself.
Specialty Apps: Downloading special apps on your phone will help improve your firework photography. One that allows you to control the shutter speed or that allows you to take photos quickly could really help you capture that winning image.
Modes: Portrait mode is best for single firework shots. For grand finales you’ll want to use the landscape mode for optimal results.

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